Hi everyone. I am Kiki. I was born and raised in Thailand. I moved to America three years ago to pursue my MBA. Food is my passion. I enjoy cooking and trying new restaurants and different kinds of cuisine.

When I moved here, it was so hard for me to find a good Thai restaurant. That’s when I started to learn how to make authentic Thai food by using the limited resources here. It was not as hard as I expected. I started to make Thai food for my friends and everyone loved it. They asked for the recipes and wanted me to teach them. It seems like having a blog is a good idea.

I cook a lot of food from other Asian countries as well. Since Bangkok, where I am from, is a place that you can find food from all over the world, I am pretty familiar with food from many Asian countries like Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and China.

Pastries and cakes are also in my interest. I feel so excited every time that I make them. Therefore, I want to share techniques and tips with everyone and I would love to hear about some techniques and tips from others as well.

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog.



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